Some books to help get those odds down...

Just bought a load of books to help me on my way to getting those odds RIGHT down in my favor.

(0) On Writing Well (Rare) - William Zinsser

(0) Bulletproof Book Proposals - Pam Brodowsky and Eric Neuhaus

I also bought a big dictionary of english usage, seeing as I keep looking things up all the time. A must for anyone, but certainly a big must for me.

(0) Merriam Websters Dictionary of English Usage.

So I've had about 5 replies from agents, the rest are probably at the London Book Fair, though fewer seem to be there than last year so far, but that might not be completely true.

If you check this blog for old posts, you'll see I already have one or two rejections, from publishers who wouldn't look at another book in a series when they had already rejected the first book.

Don't forget &

There are still a few copies left....

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