Here we go again...

Well I've just started contacting agents properly. I've just contacted 20 and am now waiting for responses.

To give you an idea, this is my 5th novel and my 3rd or 4th blog of rejections (Roughly 30-40 rejections per blog, at the end of the submission cycle). I submit very seriously and I do it by the numbers. Why? Because the odds are ridiculous if you're one of those authors/writers who's going to have to wait ten years to get published. So I don't get excited and nor do I get involved, I do it and I try and turn my rejections into positives.

This isn't easy, but you can undo anything if you try hard enough. So instead of receiving something bad, I tell myself it's good. Why do I do this? One reason is that, all these rejections will one day amount to my successes. There is no success without failure and in the case of some failure was there mainstay their entire lives, but they were still remembered regardless, because they did things like no one else did.

I am not comparing myself to these people, I am saying that failure comes first and should be relished because once it's over, you'll be elated sure, but you will be in waters that are not quite as shallow or as crystal clear as they first might appear. By spending time in the darker, thousand feet deep waters, you learn to see what isn't real when it presents itself.

I cross my fingers for Path and can't wait to get it out to the original fans of the first book.

Want a copy to read and give feedback on? Send an email to contact @ and I will sort it out for you.

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